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viernes, 15 de abril de 2011


Hi, I'm Sara again and today I will tell you because I want to study veterinary medicine.

I always wanted to be a veterinarian!!!!, since I was a child I liked to share and play with puppies,and after growing up I began to feel that same love to the rest of the animals.when I see them being well and contributed something my day is much better   
When I told my parents that I want to become a veterinarian  they
don´t support my decision, but finally I convince them and now I´m
Here :D! 
Nowadays I´m really happy with my decision. It seems to me that this carrer covers many areas of knowledge.
I know that being a vet is too dificult to become bored, because every day a new event happens, this es the most exciting field of this profession.
I'm excited about know what leftin my career.

Greetings to everyone!


jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

The first blog of my life :O !!!!!

Hello!!! I never thought that my first blog will be created by an english course. Can you believe it? =P
But this isn´t the main point. xd

My name is Sara, but I have a lot of nicknames like Saruka, Santa Sara, Sariguella (thanks to "Brush"). And the most important thing is that im studying the carrer of my dreams <3 Veterinary medicine.
The last year I`d a lot of troubles like a broken leg and pneumonia :( , BUT I hope this year will be successful.

I live with almost my all family in my house, grandma, sister, nephew, parents and two beauty "amigales" Tommy & Bam-Bam.

the best of all is that I ate all food, brushed my theets all nights and did all my homework. My parents gave me my first car, called blue : D .

That's all that I can tell you in this post, read my next homework jajaj xd.